Neat Old Building in Sevierville Tn.

I’m fascinated with certain kinds of architecture; here’s an example. This old building is in Sevierville Tennessee. From the angle in the first picture, it looks like a building that’s out by the ocean. I’m not sure why it looks that way to me, but we’re a couple hundred miles from the ocean. It appears that it was once a store, with a residence above.


Hillbillies painted on windows.

The first picture isn’t on glass, but it’s similar to other work I’ve seen in this area, probably the same artist. This piece was at the Sevier County Fairgrounds, about 5 years ago, and might as yet be stored there. The characters depicted on it look like the ones on the windows of the Thrifty Center, a store on Chapman Highway, in South Knoxville, near Seymour. Those windows have since been changed, and the characters are gone; but if anyone knows about the artist, any other locations of his work, or has pictures, please contact me. I want to duplicate the style on some projects.

The second picture is from Uncle Easy’s Pawn, also on Chapman Highway. Those window advertisements are still there, as of writing this. I’m wondering if they’re both rendered by the same guy.

Got a building . . .

I had this wooden building given to me a while back, but haven’t worked on it until today. I was told that it’s a WW2era national Guard portable building. At this point, it’s an important part of future plans, and it will be fun making all that happen.

In the picture, the building is tilted, because I’ve slowly lifted that side. It will need to go high enoughto get a trailer underneath it.

Update: The building has been moved, painted, and steps added. You can see all that HERE.