Garden Tomatoes For Sale, Seymour TN.

The tomatoes are getting ripe, and now they’re available to the public. These are grown without pesticides or herbicides. These tomatoes are an heirloom variety, so you can save the seeds, and grow your own.  I did put iron supplement on the soil to counter some yellow leaves. they will be available for the next several weeks, if they last that long. The garden is very near the stand so you can see where they’re grown.

Introducing The Scrounge Chronicles!

I save a -lot- of money by saving material for future projects. This will be an ongoing series of pages to help others learn what’s practical about it, and what isn’t. Not only is there an economic benefit, it’s also a lot of fun solving problems this way.

The first installment is an intro page, with a nice picture at the bottom, the next installment will about those same garden stakes. Drop by to razor sharpen your own scrounge skills! Here’s the FIRST PAGE.