The Wood of the Warehouse

I’ve had several developments with the warehouse building. First, is the quality of the wood. Years ago, they kept only the choicest parts of a tree, and discarded the rest. In the first picture below, you can see the side of the building. The grade of wood doesn’t show really well, but notice how few knots there are. Large knots drastically reduce the strength of a piece because the knot interferes with the straight grain pattern.

Almost time to paint.

In the next two pictures, there’s a big knot, and a smaller knot. Notice how in the top picture, the upper grain in the board continues past the knot, even though it must curve some to do so. On the lower part of the board, the grain bends up toward the knot, and ends at the knot. This is very weak. In the second knot picture, the grain above and below the knot continue past it. This is much stronger.

Not as strong.
Stronger than the other.

A friend told me to come by and go through his stored paint, as he has a lot left over from various jobs. I found what I think is enough to put a nice paint finish on this building. Wood this old will probably absorb a lot of paint, but I have 8 or 9 gallons. I’m painting it white with green trim, to match the house it sits next to.

The Warehouse

I was given this building two or three years ago, and have been trying to move it here ever since. It’s finally here, and I’m trying to find information about it. The man who gave it to me described it as a “WW2 era portable wood building”. My search has turned up nothing, but it sure is good to have it here at last. #history

A Few Painting Chores

I’ve been very busy with a few projects, one being the long awaited arrival of my wood building. I decided to take Saturday off from the busyness; and do a few chores that have been put off.

The family likes to celebrate July 4th Independence day in a big way. One of the things I did was to paint the two sets of stilts we have white, with the intention of adding blue and white to them. That didn’t happen in time for the holiday, but I finally got around to it. I got the paint and tools out, and showed my 2nd to the youngest son how to do it. He measured a mark from the ends, then with the pencil and speed square, made an even line around the stilts. Then he used a brush to paint the colors.

Rust Oleum Painter’s Choice is one coat coverage.
The finished job.
Trying them out.

I have a home made wood weight lifting bench, which neither I, or anyone else has been using; probably because it’s been down by my shed. We pulled it up on the lawn, gave it a fresh coat of paint, then moved it to the barn loft, where it will probably be used more. Here’s my youngest son painting it.

Good Job.

Dutch oven cooking

This is from April, but I’ve had a spring rush of orders of signs and painting work, so it’s late. Anyway, here’s a sunset, and my first try at Dutch oven cooking.

Here’s our fire, made from very hard and seasoned locust wood. that should have been warning enough.

We made a recipe I got online; just a cake mix with fruit pie filling. While it was baking, my 12 year old son made popcorn over the fire.

We took the pastry making operation inside to open it. Oh man, very, very burnt around the edges. But we were able to pull some cake and fruit filling from inside the outer carbon part; and, it was good! No burnt taste. We got more than 5 good sized servings.

Where there’s smoke, there’s Carbon Kitchens.

Coca Cola Sign, and Hat

I finished the Coca Cola fountain service bench sign. It’s so different than when it was brought in. What advertising they had. Can you imagine walking down a street, and seeing this on a bench?

Part of a wood and iron bench

I worked a little more on my oil cloth hat. I had to stop to test how rigid the brim will be with the oil cloth formula applied. In the lower picture I’ve taken a sample of the three types of cloth and put them together with linseed oil on them. That’s minus the bees wax, but it’s intentional, to see if that’s stiff enough.

A work in progress.

Brass Powder, Coca Cola Bench

I was working with very finely ground brass powder the other day, and got some on my hands. This is completely dry, it’s not paint, but it can be used to make a nice looking paint.

If the Tin man were made of brass

I’m also working on a Coca Cola fountain service bench. A woodworker is making new wood parts, I’m restoring the cast iron parts. here’s some of the progress.