A Little Advertising Project

Back in May, my youngest sons wanted to make a wagon with some wheels they found in the barn. Their wood working skills need help, so I worked with them. Here’s a picture of the youngest using an old time oil can on the wagon we made. I expected it to be like other things; exciting for a few days, then seldom used. This was different. they used it over and over again.

They came to me last week asking me to buy another wheel for it, because they wanted to sell drinks again at the upcoming horse show nearby. I told them they would sell more drinks if it was cleaned up, so that’s what we did. Black is neutral, so it will go with any color. A simple coat of black paint really cleans up the undercarriage, makes it look striking. Then, I told them we needed to employ some variation of the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue, because that’s what the big companies do, and they’ve done a lot of research. It could be mustard-gold instead of yellow; and brick red instead of bright red; but those three colors needed to be on the project. We had a can of blue left over from a sign project. I really like this blue. It’s more intense than a Cape Cod blue, but less intense than a Cobalt blue. It’s kind of grey blue, so I should call it Granite Blue.

We made yellow signs with red letters. Notice the use of suggestive language: “Enjoy” “Satisfying” “Want”. We heard the show had been cancelled, but later found it was not. We went there in the evening, so they could try it out. They’ve done this before, and their pay is free stuff from the concession stand; like burgers, fries, and hot dogs. Mostly, they just like doing it. There weren’t many people left, but they did manage to sell three drinks.