Fall Scenes in East Tennessee

I’m working on a number of non commercial (paid service work) projects; some are nearing completion, others are just starting. I take pictures along the way, these are current images that make a nice fall presentation.

The first is a picture of a Betsy Ross Flag I finished today. The building has been a long project, and is very nearly finished. This is the view from the road. There will probably be an old RC Cola sign on the blank part of the wall. There is a page about the building.

Betsy Ross Flag on wooden building

As I was walking back from taking the above picture, I encountered this scene.

November 1st, 2019, Seymour Tennesse

I’m doing some close up studies of Maple leaves and branches to prepare for my next truck mural project, you can read about it here.

Shapes on the edge I didn’t notice before
Different kinds of trees have different kinds of branches

In the last week of October, we had a day with heavy overcast clouds. As evening drew on, they formed a dark canopy, and this is what it looked like when the light from the setting sun shown through. There is a car driving by in the lower part, the camera is set to no light compensation.

Dramatic sunset lighting