Local Trades Receiving List

Here is a list of items and materials we’re willing to trade for, or buy, if a reasonable price can be agreed upon. Most things will be processed and resold, so we need to get a low price to make it worthwhile. When possible, we will include the price we’re willing to pay for items, but many of the new products we make and offer for sale are to a very limited range of buyers, so we’ll be adjusting the sale prices to fit the market. That means our purchasing prices are subject to change also. Thank you for your interest, and if you have some material we’ve overlooked, that you think we could sell, give us a shout. We might well add that to the inventory.

Here are some pictures and prices of things we’re looking for. The first is Dogwood. It usually doesn’t grow very large, so an 8 inch diameter tree trunk is common. It has a distinct alligator skin like pattern in the bark; these two pictures are from the same trunk. At this time, we will buy/trade this at 3 dollars a foot, in 2 foot minimum lengths. That’s figured at 6 or 7 inches diameter, a much larger trunk will pay more, and we require that at least some of the bark be remaining on it.

Dogwood bark.
More Dogwood bark.

I’m also looking for Black Gum wood. I need to go out and get more positive ID; but I think the small log section below is Black Gum. It’s only about 7 inches in diameter, so a larger tree will appear to have a finer texture in the bark pattern. If you think you have a log, cut off a piece and see if it splits with a maul or steel wedges. If the wedges get stuck, and won’t go more than 2 or 3 inches into the wood, then it’s likely to be Black Gum. At this time, we will pay 4 dollars a foot for Black Gum logs, starting at 10 inches diameter.

Probably Black Gum

Another thing we need are pine boards. No pallet wood, no nail holes; as we’ll be making things to sell from this wood, and everything must have a brand new appearance when we’re done. 1 X 4’s, 1 X 6’s, 1 X 8’s are all fine, we need at least 42 inches in length, but we don’t need as many of those as longer boards. If you have a sawmill, we’re willing to take unplaned wood.