Made In America Page

This page will be a list of links and publications of products made in America, and an ongoing discussion about buying American made products. The goal is to not only protect American jobs, but to boycott external and internal enemies of the U.S.A. Boycott information is on a separate page: Boycott 

Here’s a post about creating community cohesion by talking to people about Made In USA products.

Here’s a link to a Federal Trade Commission page about complying with the Made In USA standard: Standard

A list of products made in the U.S.A. Made in USA

A store that sells made in U.S.A. products: STORE

I found what I thought was an independent paint store; turns out they make their own paint, and have their own stores. Friendly helpful staff. Paint Since 1905

Libman Company! Made in USA since 1896. Brushes, brooms, mops. LIBMAN

Log Heads Home Center Right next to Co-op in Sevierville. They make and sell neat looking wood furniture. I have a picture here of part of their showroom, but I should have taken one that shows the beds, ’cause they look great.

Lost Art Press. All books are printed in the USA. Lost Art Press

Bully Tools, made in USA BULLYTOOLS

I went to the Tractor Supply store in Sevierville TN; and asked about made in USA products. The shift manager was very busy at the time, but said many of their products are made in the US. She didn’t have time to point out any products, but looked behind herself and made note of the feed section; saying it was all made in the US.

I returned to my vehicle, and saw the new trailers for sale. These are made in the USA, but are likely assembled from foreign parts.

I ordered a pulley to repair an old table saw, look at the package:

Below is the back of the package

Chicago Die Casting Mfg Co. 9148 King Street, Franklin Park, Il. 60131