Seymour TN History, Green’s Store

I guess it was 2012 that I painted this mural on East Union Valley Rd. in Seymour TN. There was a store that the rolling store operated from. I decided to ask a Seymour group on Facebook if anyone knew any details about the store. Here’s the mural and relevant replies:

Lee and Ray Sexton said:

Yes it was at corner of Kimberlin Heights and Old Sevierville pike. There’s another store across the rd. now, I’m sure some of the older locals that visit there could fill you in on it or if they had a rolling store. We had one that ran in Pickens gap in the 50’s. Don’t know who ran it but it was an old schoolbus. Red I think.

Becky Rhinehart said:
Greens Market that was at the intersection of Kimberlin Heights, Old Sevierville Pike, and Hendrons Chapel was owned my Great – grandmother Sallie Green. Her son Jack Green ran the service station connected to the store. I grew up on Old Sevierville Pike and walked to Greens market all the time as teenager. I spent a lot of time in the market with my great-grandmother. Her store was there before the McMahan’s built their store across the street that was called Korner Market. New Hope Well School is just up the road a bit on Kimberlin Heights. My address was Old Sevierville Pike growing up, and I lived on the same road first 7 years I was married. At some point after I moved that area was annexed in Knox County, and the word “Old” was removed from Old Sevierville Pike. That is why it doesn’t show up on maps now, but the people like me still call it that.

Kim Green Jeffries said:
That store belonged to my family. My mom is tagged here. She can give you more info.

Gary Chance said:
Here is a pencil drawing of Greens Store that is across from the fair grounds on old Knoxville Hwy in Sevierville. There is a big square white building there now.
I use to go to this store all the time when I was a kid.

Note: I’ll try posting a link to the FB page where Gary has the picture. It’s a terrific sketch, and worth looking at. GREEN’S STORE SKETCH

Ruby Williams said:
the rolling store came up upper middle creek,we traded fresh eggs for candy and goods

Deanna Williams said:
Some of my family lived in the house next door to the one that was across from fairgrounds