Ingenious Paper Clamp

I was at Zippy Prints in Seymour TN. making some copies. They have a customer access computer, so I can go in there and make a few copies without interrupting the staff. I’ve always had a pleasant experience there, here’s a link to their site.

As I was paying for some color copies, I looked to my right and saw a familiar tool, only it was used in a different way. What you see in the picture below are two furniture clamps, which are made to be used with a standard piece of steel pipe, like you would get from any hardware store. What’s different is that instead of being two separate straight pipes, they’re connected across the top. That way, they won’t pull apart under a load.

Another nice feature is that each side goes through its own hole. If not for that, they would have to be used from the edge of the table, with only about a 1.5 inch reach. Not only that, this arrangement allows the clamps to be used at the middle of the load. The load being the wood pieces that the clamps are pushing down on, to secure what looks like a ream of paper.

This allows for easy gluing of the end. I was told that what looks like a table leaf actually folds all the way over, to a 180 degree angle, so that it’s standing straight up, and can be used as a straight edege; which I presume is how one quickly aligns the stack of paper.

Now why didn’t I think of that?

A few more details: before I cropped the pictures, it appeared that the table legs were also made of steel pipe. In the second picture, you can see how the product in the plastic container is used. It’s applied to the end of the stack of paper, so I thought it was glue. But it’s more like an activator. The stack consists of two part forms, a yellow sheet, and a white sheet. If the pages are arranged correctly, then the activator causes the yellow paper to adhere to the white paper above it, and not to the one below it.

So I took a second picture, to show the forms separated. It’s amazing what chemistry properly applied can do. The other plastic container, to the left of the clamp, is for gluing all the sheets together into a note pad that allows each sheet to be torn off easily. Neat stuff.

A glue for every purpose.