A Very Short Walk In the Appalachian Woods

I was at an outdoor celebration for some friends today. I decided to walk out into the woods a little way, like 15 or 20 feet. I took these pictures. The first thing I saw was this tree that appears to have been struck by lightning. I’ve seen it just after it happens, it leaves a narrow line about 1/4 inch, 6mm, wide running entirely down the side of the tree, with bare wood showing. This probably happened a while back, and the gap got wider. It’s near the top of a small mountain.

Then, as I was examining some dead bark on another tree, this cat decided I was OK, and I petted it.

I. . .want. . .grilled. . .hamburger!
The end of a log cut some time back.

Above is a stump cut years ago, it looks like the heartwood lasted longer than the sap wood. There’s a little spruce tree (I think) growing next to it.

Probably broken in a storm
Sap wood lasted longer than the heartwood.
Blown over in a storm.
Neat looking Live tree trunk.
Eastern White Pine. The branches grow out in rings around the trunk.
Odd looking circular branch.
Interesting looking dead branches.
There’s always that one tree that has to grow crooked.
Dogwood bark looks like alligator hide.
A small Holly bush. It’s native here.
A closer look at the Holly.
The cat followed me around.