The Curleyhut under the Henley Street Bridge

Monday, March 5th, 2018. Today, I needed to inspect the paint on the “Curleyhut”, a Pullman railroad car. This car was owned by Barbara Hutton, the heir to the Woolworth wealth. What’s interesting is that I came home and wanted to know more about it, so I found a Wikipedia article. It said that her only real friend in life was her cousin, Jimmy Donahue. Interesting coincidences do happen.

Here’s the name painted on the side. The car was named after her uncle, whose nickname was “Curley”, so the car was called Curleyhut.Here are the two ends of the car:

It was parked directly under the Henley Street Bridge in Knoxville, Tennessee. I needed to inspect the roof, as I climbed the ladder, this is the first view I had. These are heating or air conditioning vents.

While on the roof, I took a picture facing west. In it, from right to left, you can see Neyland drive, the back of Neyland Stadium, the train, the riverfront walkway, and the Tennessee River.Here’s a closer view of the other end of the train, where the restored vintage boxcars are.Looking north, toward Knoxville, you see the base of the bridge.Looking south, toward Seymour, you see the bridge as it spans the Tennessee River, and the tranquil water touching a pillar.Finally, an image of the south facing windows, showing the Gay street Bridge, and the construction across the river.