The Quill & Blade Vol.1 Issue 1



“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” In the 1990s many Christians were involved in political activism. Much of the effort was against abortion, and to get intelligent design into government schools. Some states are more interested in implementing these changes than others; but tyranny from D.C. Forbids it. After much effort the Defense of Marriage Act was passed, but Attorney General Eric Holder announced he wouldn’t abide by it.

More recently, the Supreme Court killed freedom of religion by their legislative activity. The ruling means that an employer cannot fire someone for sexual orientation. If a church hires a music director who looks normal, but one day shows up dressed as a woman; they cannot fire him.

We are also witnessing the effort by the left to destroy the Trump economy. The difference between the left and right is now obvious in a geographic way. Democrat cities have been burning to the ground, while Republican areas are reviving.

The bipartisan stimulus relief is pushing the U.S. Debt toward 30 trillion dollars. According to Glenn Beck, the Federal Reserve is now the sole purchaser of new debt. This is indicative of a fragile economic situation which could lead to the end of the dollar as world reserve currency. Then we would be like a third world country.

All this coincides with a very difficult time in my personal life, which could be very depressing. It appears that my situation has turned a corner, and things are getting better. For months I’ve been praying that regardless of what happens at a federal level, God will give us an area to be in peace and raise our families without the oppression of the left. It looks as though this could be happening already, which is a source of hope and comfort.

The left and right will never be reconciled. The best scenario is that many on the left are waking to the reality of the lying narrative, but the rest will always be looking for a way to destroy all that is Godly and beautiful.

This doesn’t mean that the right is blameless, in fact through negligence, they have contributed greatly to the problems. One thing that alienates me from most on the right is that I want to see practical plans for all the rhetoric. So my mind is often grappling with details about who would go where, farmland, sea ports and more, in a secession. As I said, it may already be happening, and I need not contemplate the details. Continued pg2



Some years back, I was contacted by a young woman looking for a job. She was a college graduate in the field of graphic arts. I wasn’t hiring anyone, but the lack of pictures piqued my interest. I asked her what she can do, and she replied that she made logos, business cards, and the usual work. I asked if she had any pictures of her work. She didn’t. I advised her to do some volunteer work where she could…. Continued pg2

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