The Scrounge Chronicles

There was a time when a lot less money was in circulation. In those days, people had to improvise with what they had, and have an awareness of what things to save for future projects. Now-a-days they call it recycling. I still do a lot of that, not only do I save the cost of the material, but I save a trip to the store.  Part of what’s needed to make this work is an awareness of what’s practical, and what is more work than it’s worth. That’s important, and somewhat fluid. For example, if a material is in short supply, or expensive, it will be a better candidate for storing, but as soon as those conditions change, the very same item might not be  worth storing. Another example would be two boards from the same place. If one has too many nails to remove, it would be better to saw between the nails, and burn it as firewood.

So I’m taking what I have a vast amount of experience with, and putting a fun title to it, as an ongoing series of pages that will be informative as actual projects, and as a way of gaining the experience to know what is practical for each reader. The number of tools one owns, and experience with those tools will affect each person differently.

Here’s a picture of garden stakes I made from saved materials. More about them in the next installment.

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