Making a Mortar and Pestle: Scrounge Chronicles

I make my own Kinni-Kinnick, which is an Indian smoking blend. Yes it is ‘cultural appropriation’, but that’s usually a good thing. I plan to make videos about religion, politics, and more; that will be one of the topics covered there. As mentioned in a previous post, a pipe or cigar aren’t smoked in the same way that cigarettes are. they aren’t inhaled, which makes them less hazardous.

I buy my Bear-Berry leaves from Crazy Crow Trading Post. They used to sell the mix themselves, but tobacco regulations ended that. So I buy pipe tobacco in a pouch and make my own. I decided to make a mortar and pestle to blend the mix; it will also be handy for making popcorn salt, which is ridiculously expensive.

Now, the pictures: In the first one, I’ve used the border drawing tool I just made to mark a line around an extra oxygen bottle cap I had. The inside had rust in it, which is good in this case; because it meant that there was no paint or oil there.

Red Cedar, red Sharpie, red line.

Next, I’ve used a 4 inch angle grinder with thin cutting disk to cut the cap in half. This tool is frequently used by DIY guys. If you get into that, you’ll need one. You can see the two halves, a piece of sandpaper, and the carriage bolt I’m using as a pestle. I used a flap disk on the top and bottom of the bolt head, to remove the raised letters, and the galvanized coating.

Next are two pictures of the results. The remaining part of the cap makes a nice stand for the mortar.

In the next picture, you can see: the cigar box I keep the Bear-Berry leaves in, a pouch of tobacco, both ingredients on the wood next to the box, and behind those, is the plastic bag I’ve kept the mix in. It has an impromptu label on it, which could be a lot better.

Here are a couple of envelopes with impromptu calligraphy on them. I want to make a better label, so I’m experimenting. I even looked at empty tins online; I might print upt extra labels and sell the empty tins.

Felt tip calligraphy pen.

Finally, the blend is made, and ready to smoke in the big Cherry, Pine, and Cholla wood pipe I made.