Thanksgiving 2018 . . .with the Scrounge

It’s one of those silver lining things. I wish more people would celebrate Thanksgiving, but as it is, they go from October 31st to Christmas. What that does for us is make lots of fall decorations available for free, at the perfect time. This year, Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud was generous enough to give us their decorations. I used the very recently acquired trailer to get the stuff. When we bought it, there was a Pintle hitch mounted on it. My son Earl replaced that with a regular 2 inch ball hitch. Within an hour of the modification, we had it on the road. Here’s a picture of it after we got home.I got 90+percent of the decorations that were spread about various displays on their property. I wanted to get them all, but I had two of the kids with me, and it was starting to rain. I was also concerned about a possible mechanical problem, but that didn’t become an issue. Here’s a scrounge tip: Take a broom and dustpan, maybe a rake and trash bag, so that you can clean up the site. It’s an extra step that helps them out, shows your gratitude, and makes them want to repeat the process. Here’s the boys moving pumpkins into place.I stacked the straw bales off to one side, forming a curved wall, that got shorter. Then, I wanted the corn stalks behind the straw bales to get shorter also, so I chopped them to different lengths with a big antique axe. This worked very well, it was fast and easy.When I was making the curved wall, I stacked the bales on their side, instead of flat. that way, the strings around each bale were easy to tie the corn stalks to. Here’s the finished display.You’ve probably heard this before; but here’s a joke:

Vegetarian. Indian word for lousy hunter.

So why do we always make vegetarian Thanksgiving displays? My family is more normal than I am, but I prefer to be Mr. Innovative. Unencumbered by slavish compliance to others’ opinions. A brave leader who forges new paths in esthetic excellence. And then there’s the one about the three bears. So anyway, my great innovation for this display was to add meat, but others weren’t as enthusiastic as I was. Here’s the picture with quick drawings of meat added. The really patriotic meat would be bacon. So what do you think?