The Warehouse

I was given this building two or three years ago, and have been trying to move it here ever since. It’s finally here, and I’m trying to find information about it. The man who gave it to me described it as a “WW2 era portable wood building”. My search has turned up nothing, but it sure is good to have it here at last. #history

In order to avoid making a big mess, I scraped the entire building by hand. Then it was ready for paint. I applied two coats, the first one soaked into the old dry wood. Here it is painted white.

“The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul.” (Proverbs

The sides of the building have 14 boards on them, and I realized that it’s a flag halfway drawn. The American flag has 13 stripes; 7 red and 6 white. So I decided to paint a Betsy Ross flag on the other side, which faces the road. My son helped. I have a very nice set of steps made, they will be added soon, and then I’ll show you what I’m doing inside.

Seven red stripes.
1940’s wooden building

I want to make a larger sign above the door, as well as an old RC Cola sign next to the flag; but I couldn’t resist the fun of making this little sign. We are opening a country store and trading post; it will be online at first, then I’ll make a rolling store for local sales. thanks for visiting our site, and if you like what you see, please link to this and other pages.

Inventory inside.

A friend of mine was asked to make some steel and concrete steps for an apartment complex. He made a sample set, which he no longer needed, and offered it to me. I thought it might fit this old building, and boy did it ever!


Moving information: It sat only 200 yards or so away from where it is now, but there is a ravine and lots of trees between the two locations; so it had to go out on the street. I thought of using a two axle car moving trailer, but my son said that it wouldn’t handle the weight. Besides, most car haulers have fenders sticking up, which would need to be compensated for.

So I borrowed a heavy duty equipment moving trailer. My fist plan was to use a four wheel drive truck, but a neighbor, Clayton had a different idea. He suggested that I use a four wheel drive tractor instead. The one I was able to borrow had a ball mounted on the front forks. As it turns out, this was far better than using s truck. A truck probably wouldn’t have worked. The tractor can turn sharper, plus, being able to lift the forks allowed us to maneuver around a large rock in the yard. The tractor is far better.

At the first location, I used a bunch of large wood blocks to set it on to have clearance for the trailer. I used three Toyota mechanical jacks to lift one side at a time. What I like about the mechanical jacks is that I can leave them in place for longer times without blowing the hydraulic seals. Of course, I had additional support beside each jack when I left them, in case a strong wind rocked the building. It was a bit of a task getting this thing more that three feet in the air.