Tool Demonstration is Back

Over the years, I’ve given timber tool demonstrations; at a major theme park in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, a pioneer settlement in Dandridge Tn, a three day tractor show in Louisiana, and at Ramsey House near Knoxville Tn.

I’m going to be looking for a location to put on the show for ticket sales; somewhere near Sevierville Tn. The show is informative, and even entertaining. I demonstrate how non motorized timber tools were used. That includes the Froe for shingle making, the Crosscut Saw for cutting logs in sections, the Cant Hook for rolling logs, the Drawknife for shaping and removing bark, Wedges, Gluts, and a Maul for splitting fence rails, an Axe, Broadaxe, and Foot adze for hewing a log, a Pit Saw for cutting lumber from a log.

Also, I give a small talk about how the pioneers used various local woods. There is a lot to see, hear, touch, and smell. If you’re interested in booking me at your location, give me a call at (865) 360-4351. Thank you.