The Warehouse is Painted White

In the middle of the Bible, in the book of Proverbs, it says “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul”. So it is with painting the warehouse white. I’ve waited several years to get to this point.

The wood was old and dried, so it soaked up the first coat. The second coat looks terrific though. We’re in the process of painting a Betsy Ross flag on one side, that will be seen from the street. A friend gave me a very nice and sturdy set of entrance steps, they will be installed soon.

The Wood of the Warehouse

I’ve had several developments with the warehouse building. First, is the quality of the wood. Years ago, they kept only the choicest parts of a tree, and discarded the rest. In the first picture below, you can see the side of the building. The grade of wood doesn’t show really well, but notice how few knots there are. Large knots drastically reduce the strength of a piece because the knot interferes with the straight grain pattern.

Almost time to paint.

In the next two pictures, there’s a big knot, and a smaller knot. Notice how in the top picture, the upper grain in the board continues past the knot, even though it must curve some to do so. On the lower part of the board, the grain bends up toward the knot, and ends at the knot. This is very weak. In the second knot picture, the grain above and below the knot continue past it. This is much stronger.

Not as strong.
Stronger than the other.

A friend told me to come by and go through his stored paint, as he has a lot left over from various jobs. I found what I think is enough to put a nice paint finish on this building. Wood this old will probably absorb a lot of paint, but I have 8 or 9 gallons. I’m painting it white with green trim, to match the house it sits next to. #warehouse #history