Steps for the Warehouse

I couldn’t have measured these steps better if I had tried, but I didn’t. They were made by a friend of mine who runs a metal fabrication business. This must be the hand of God, but it seems like there was earth bound help involved Like the man asked what my building needed, and one of my sons said “steps, here are the dimensions”.

Whatever the case, as I said, perfect fit. He said that he was making a lot of steps for a big job, and that this was the sample piece he showed the customer. I did see a whole bunch of steps he made on a trailer, like 200 feet or something.

In the first picture, I added two pressure treated boards as a post, because the siding wasn’t enough support.

In the next picture, I’ve leveled two concrete blocks. The picture doesn’t show it well, but there’s quite the optical illusion when standing next to them. The one in the hole looks too deep.

They’re actually level.

Next, I’m fitting the pieces together, I haven’t bolted things tight yet.

Here’s a picture from the next morning, after the tools were put away.

The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul: Proverbs.