Restoration Brush #1

I was restoring a small steam locomotive, and needed a wire brush to get in hard to reach places. I tried different things, and finally used a piece of steel cable, also known as wire rope. It worked well, so I decided to make and sell them. Here’s a link to one for sale on Ebay:

Restoration Brush #1

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The Point Where It Gets Amazing

A man nearby calls me when he has firewood he wants to get rid of. Usually, it’s smaller stuff, already cut to length. Last year, he called and said a tree fell down in his yard. I went and looked, it was a Poplar tree. What’s interesting in the first picture is that the tree fell over because it’s roots are on the bank of a small stream, so the ground was wet and soft. A strong wind pushed the heavy tree down, but after I cut much of the trunk apart, the bottom of the tree stood back up.

Very green, very heavy.

A friend had recently offered me the use of his sawmill. I decided to cut the tree into 8.5 foot long sections, and take it to the mill. For years, I’ve wanted a sawmill, so this was a special occasion. I cut part of the wood into different dimensions, and brought it home on a trailer.

Planks, beams, slab wood.

I carefully stacked the wood on RR ties in the yard, where I knew wood dried quickly. There are many small spacer pieces in the stack. I bought a moisture gauge from the hardware store.

Wanting a sawmill for so long, you’d think this was the most amazing part of the process. Maybe being careful about not damaging the machine was my primary concern. The logs were also very heavy, so the process was a lot of work.

Some of the boards are quite thin, which helped them dry faster. I waited till this year before pulling some out of the stack. THAT is when it felt amazing. rather than going to the hardware store, or wood specialty place, I was pulling them out of a stack in my own yard. There were a lot of them, and I could take as many as I needed. They’re very flat and of a superb quality. Very unusual to be pulling something like that out of my own front yard.

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