A few pictures, & getting a tool ready

There are a lot of items we’re getting ready to sell, but I always want to be aware of how tight money is for most people. The plan at this time is to sell complete items, as well as parts and kits, for the do it yourself buyer. I have a bit of wood stored already, some unique, some exotic. In order to display the look of different lots, I’ll take one piece and turn it on a lathe, then shellac and varnish it. Who knows, maybe we’ll make and sell a lot of tool handles.

 I have a lathe for turning wood, it sat unused for a long time. I pulled it out, then cleaned it up today.

“Wash Me”
Much better

Below are several pictures I got while doing chores and running errands. The first is white mold type of stuff that grew on the bottom of a wet board.

Here’s a pile of rusted rail road spikes, that were in the sun.

Ready for cleaning

Finally, a picture of a rock outcrop. I’ve studied how rocks look, for the sake of illustrations. This one is different, because the lines are smoother, more flowing. It reminds me of rippling water in a brook.

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