A Merry & Materialistic Christmas

I didn’t think it was possible, but I wasn’t considering the possibilities. I’m a craftsman who has a sporadic income, and uses that single income to pay the bills. When I was growing up, we had wall to wall Christmas. It was a chore that I didn’t continue when I left the house.

I didn’t want to be bound by an expensive tradition, especially at the time of year when my work slows down. So we had very modest Christmas celebrations. When the children got older, they started getting each other gifts. Some of them only earn a couple hundred dollars a year, but they spend a lot of it one each other. I mean, they get some nice gifts. They even get their old pa one.

This year, about a month prior to Christmas, one daughter’s off road motorcycle was stolen while visiting relatives. So her siblings pitched in and bought her a used dirt bike, nicer than the one that was lost. They hid it out in a workshop until early Christmas morning, then brought it in as a surprise. It’s a joy to see them care for each other. Young parents wonder if they’re doing a good job; when something like this happens, you feel like you did.

When I prayed over the afternoon meal, I did something different. I read the passage from Matthew chapter 4, where it talks about the people who lived in darkness seeing a great light. I thanked God for not only making a way for us to be saved from the penalty of sin, but that we can understand what it means to fulfill righteousness, not merely live by rules. The meal was excellent, and another very good Christmas has been enjoyed.

Merry Christmas to you all.

4 stroke, water cooled, she’s a humdinger.

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