A Pink Truck

My daughter bought this truck, and did a lot of work to it. She put a cylinder head on the motor, and did all the body work herself. She’s never done either, so it was a huge task. The Bible says “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul”; and I’m sure this is. She spent about $600 on paint. I work with a similar type of painting quite a bit, but this base coat / clear coat is different. I’ve done it a couple times before for my sons, but I really struggled each time. I remembered what I did wrong, and changed that, but still had difficulties. The spray gun I started with wasn’t working right. It was spraying too narrow, then it broke. I went and got one I hadn’t used in years. It has a much larger nozzle on it, but isn’t HVLP, so I was concerned that it might use the paint too fast. Then, as I was using it, I forgot how loose the lid was. I lifted it suddenly, to get the hose away from a ladder, and the paint spilled on my hair, shirt, and in my eye.

The base coat didn’t have isocyanide in it, so that was better for my eye, I changed my shirt, and ran some solvent through my hair. In about15 minutes time, I was back to painting. The base coat wasn’t too difficult, so long as I varied the direction of the way I applied the layers. Otherwise it shows metallic streaks. The clear coat was tricky, because even with two wet passes, it still had an orange peel texture. A carefully applied third pass made it turn into an amazing glossy finish, but it was very close to having runs. That’s always the painter’s dilemma.

I took pictures just after painting, this is probably the best paint job I’ve ever done. The scruffy looking guy is me taking a picture of my reflection in the finish. An interesting note: I was at the store when she was looking at colors. She originally wanted a blue sort of color, but their selection of blues was very limited. I mean extremely limited. So she went out on a wild limb and got this color. The driver’s side door was painted separately.