Barns in Seymour Tennessee

Hello, my name is Jim, I’m making this page to share the progress of a barn I’m working on at 1851 East Union Valley Road, in Seymour Tennessee. I’ll be adding pictures of other barns in the area; and if you want to add one, post it in the comments or send the information to my email address:

The barn at 1851 is a two crib, hand hewn, cantilever structure. It’s been added to over the years, to accommodate different crops and equipment. It needs some structural repair, and the rest is exterior replacement and painting. So I want to present the project in two ways, first with a Sketchup 3D rendering to show the beams and supports, and second, with a flat vector drawing or digital pictures.

Sketchup offers a free version of their software, that one is on the cloud. I’m going to see if other people can have access to the drawing, so that anybody can see it in 3D. That’s fun because you can move around it like you were viewing it from a drone.

Here’s a picture of the 1851 barn before the work is started; and a screen capture of the 3D file I’ve started. #barns

There’s a cantilever barn in there!

Here’s a picture that’s at least ten years old, of the Irwin barn on West Union Valley Road.