Brown Hides

I used to make some signs for a nearby theme park. One of the specifications was that the back of the signs be painted brown. They said it makes the back of the sign less visible. I started doing that to some of the things around the yard, like sawhorses. It works well, but they often get overspray on them; and need more brown. I rebuilt an older airless paint sprayer, and decided to test it on the outdoor things, along with some wood birdhouses a friend gave us.

I haven’t tried selling birdhouses before, but my guess is that I have to make them as appealing to the buyer, as they are to the birds. Or more so. Besides, they need to stand up to the weather better than bare wood. So I coated the birdhouses also, the same brown. It would actually have been better to use a grey, but I can get away with brown. I need to come up with themes for the birdhouses; like mountain cabin, adobe cottage, or seashore bungalow. Some look like they would make a good store, with a place for a humorous sign.Is it a birdhouse subdivision? No, it’s painting day. Or basecoat, anyway.

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