Reporter Cards Files

As mentioned in a few posts and comments online, an easy way to build community cohesion is by talking to local businesses and residents about made in USA products or other events. You can simply introduce yourself and tell them you’re from a social media group that’s interested in these things, then ask if they have any products like that.

In order to make it even easier, I made these card files, which you can print out. The big PNG can be printed at home on card stock, or taken to the local copy shop for color copies. be sure to specify card stock. You’ll have to cut them up with scissors, but it’s a really practical and inexpensive way to make a small quantity of cards.

First, here’s the full sized 8.5 X 11 PNG file at 250 DPI, this is the one to print at home or at your office: (The lines are where to cut)

The next one is a vector file saved as a SVG, which is a common file type. If you have difficulty downloading the PDF, get this and open it in vector editing software. Leave the graphics the same size, but enlarge the white background 1/8th inch horizontally and vertically. Then save as PDF. That’s the industry standard.

And lastly, here’s a small PNG picture of the file, which you can post on the internet, or web pages:

Below is the file as a PDF. It’s enlarged 1/8th inch each way, as per the industry standard. Use this if you’re going to have a printer make cards. they’ll arrange them on a page to fit best.

File name : reporter-cards2-PDF.pdf