I had to buy this trailer now.

A man I know offered me this trailer months ago for $800. I didn’t act swiftly, because people around me didn’t think it a spectacular deal. The man called me back, this time the price was $600. He lives in a mountainous area, and said some guy was driving way too fast on the hilly, winding road in front of his house. The car became briefly airborne, then landed on this trailer, damaging it. You can see in the picture that one of the ramps is broken off, and laying in the trailer, near the front. the back edge of the trailer is bent, and the axles may be skewed, but that’s all stuff I can fix. I figured that somebody else would buy it at that price, so I got it first. I recall seeing these starting (used) at about $1100, and going up from there.

As it turns out, I have realized a number of jobs this trailer can do. It can haul long logs to a saw mill. I now have access to one. I’ve already used it to get a bunch of free fall decorations, more about that soon. I’ll spare you the rest of the ideas, but suffice to say, this looks like it will be a great tool to have.

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