Important Parental Notification, and More

The notification is to do what I call “Grab a Kid”. It’s when you’re doing a task where they could learn something, be involved, accomplish something, and have fun, so you take them along to help with the project.

I finished the mini Quansit hut, with help from one of my younger sons. Here he is tightening the lag screws that hold the corner braces on the hut, after he predrilled the pilot holes.

Another corner brace

Below is one of those “what’s wrong with this picture” pictures. It’s not how crooked the post is, or that the metal door is open on the band saw. It’s hard to tell from this side; but the problem is that the long 2 X 8 horizontal brace is mounted at the same height as the table of the band saw. Band saws need room around them because the material tuns quite a bit. This board got lowered.

After the braces were on, I felt safe enough to get partially on the roof, and screw the 3 metal roof pieces together. The I decided to try the lathe again. I’m making a tobacco pipe from several pieces of unusual wood I have. As a side note, most pipe and cigar smokers don’t inhale the smoke the way a cigarette smoker does, so they’re not as dangerous as the latter.

Here’s a piece of pine wood that I think is from 1870. It was part of the walkboard that was replaced on the Mississippi locomotive. There’s a long drill bit on top of it.

My daughter sent some wood from Texas. I think it’s part of a cactus that grows down there. I wrapped wire around it while I was working on it, to keep it from breaking.

I like the way this stuff looks!

One of my funnest places to visit is Jeffrie’s Woodworks, in South Knoxville. On my last visit, I got these two small pieces of wood. The one is Cherry wood, the other is American Chestnut.

I cut a piece from the cherry, and shaped it for the bowl of the pipe I’m making. Here are the pieces laid together in the approximate way that it will be when finished. the cactus wood is gray when I get it, but is an unusual light yellow when scraped.

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