Inventory & Neat Pictures 12/30/2018

Rainy days and weekends are the time when I can get a lot done for Q & B. It’s Sunday evening, I finished bracing the supports and securing the roof of the shed I’ve been making. I’m testing the tools in it, and starting to make inventory. There’s a lot going on.

Over the years, I’ve written down a lot of ideas; it’s time to start selling them. Initially, I’ll make test inventory. rather than deciding whether I should commit to making hundreds of each item, I’ll make less, and see what’s in demand.

I have a video that I need to edit, so I’ll share details of our progress tomorrow. For now enjoy these neat pictures. I’ve shared some of these pictures on the internet before, but not here. The first is a car driving past a tree on a misty morning.

When you get a picture of yourself with a snake, it’s called a sssss-selfie.

He was released under the wood pile.
Moon, trees, clouds.

Below is a picture of fat pine burning. Most wood won’t burn apart from other wood in a fire, but this has so much flammable pine resin that it burns like a candle. If you find an old rotten pine tree, often the knots that are the bases of branches have a lot of resin in them. They’re the last thing to rot, and will work like this.

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