The Bird Feeder

We usually put sunflower seeds out for the birds to eat. The whole thing has been other peoples’ project. My daughter rebuilt the bird feeder, my oldest son buys the seed, and my youngest son fills the feeder.

n My oldest son has been very busy lately, and has overlooked buying the seed. So I bought a small bag the other day. It was labeled “Songbird Feed”. That part is true, it also attracts a variety of birds. The yard is quite busy and the sounds are great, while the feed lasts. I’ve been using a 20 ounce coffee cup as a measure, and that only lasts a few hours. I took these pictures of the feeder, there have also been a pair of doves, and a woodpecker landed on the tree nearby.

The small ones, probably sparrows.
A Bluejay?
A Cardinal?
Is this a Woodpecker?

Oil Leather Boots, the Easy Way

I’ve found that oiling boots is a chore that keeps getting put off, because people don’t want to go get the stuff needed to do the job, and most methods are time consuming. Well, this method is really fast and easy.

The trick is to use a brush instead of a cloth, and to keep the brush in a pan of oil all the time. The pan is a low cost, like less than $2 new, baking pan. The oil is Neatsfoot oil that I buy by the gallon. It’s a better price that by the quart. The brush is a cheap bristle brush that most people consider disposable. This one has lasted for months immersed in oil, with no sign of falling apart. The aluminum foil is a folded over double layer, this is to keep dust out.

This will extend your boot life, and is wa-a-a-ay easier than anything else I’ve done.

History Pages

I’ll be making pages about East Tn history. I should have done it sooner, because on some of them, they’re a record of a question I asked on social media, and the answers are better than the information I get from online searches. The first one is about Green’s Store, and Green’s Rolling store. I got some really neat replies.

The second page is about why tree trunks were painted white in times past. Some good answers there to, I’ll be looking up how to make lime paint.

The third page is about buildings in the East TN area. Only one picture so far.

I think it was a RR depot

Source of Neat Old Pictures

Part of the delay in getting stuff for sale online has been shipping. Things get shipped very fast these days, and I’ve been learning the fastest and cheapest ways to ship things. Also, I want the the customer’s experience to be top rate; part of that is the appearance of the envelope or box.

I was thinking about putting a wood grain look on the cardboard boxes and paper envelopes, but then I thought of something better. I’ve made these historic stickers to apply. The source I use for some of my public domain and copyright free pictures is Wikimedia. That site is HERE.

I Got this there, only bigger.