Progress, work, and seasons

Winter has come, the garden is completely gone, but new projects are coming along nicely. Here’s a picture of two calves in the garden. You can see the black and green tomato stakes behind them, as snow is falling.

You came over here to give us a treat, right?

In a previous post, I showed the metal silo pieces I ‘m making a small building from. There are 3 pieces, each one is 13 feet 4 inches along the curve, and 38 inches wide. Below is a picture of an end support. I used a circular saw to rip a 45 degree cut along the 4 X 6 at the top. that’s where I attached the roof pieces.

Here’s a picture of it put together. The metal is a lot thicker than roof tin, and the ridges make it more rigid; so it doesn’t need trusses. Although I will add long boards between the sides, to make it sturdier overall.

My first Quansit hut, sort of.

Once cleared out, this little outbuilding will be important; because I want to put several wood working tools in it. There will be a band saw, a radial arm saw, and a lathe. I have supplies to make things, but these tools will let us make our first inventory, besides tomatoes and birdhouses.

¬†Finally, while we’re expanding Quill and Blade, I’ll continue to do restoration work. I’m currently painting the floor of an open air coach, used on the Rambler Train in Knoxville Tn. here’s a picture taken in the evening, looking out the car, over the Tennessee River.

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