Rainy Sunday

As usual, I had a lot of things I wanted to do on Saturday. Ididn’t get them all done, but I’m sure glad I worked late outdoors; as it’s raining today. So I’m doing inside tasks, some mundane, others fun. Here are a few:

We were out of whole wheat bread, and I wanted a peanut butter sandwich. There were whole wheat pancakes left over from breakfast, so I tried using two of those. You know what? I like it better than bread. It’s more substantial than the regular size bread, but softer than the heavy breads.

I’ve been thinking about making a knife, here are two designs I came up with. I cut them out of cardboard to see if the angles will relate to my hand and arm the way I want. The white one is a modification of the tan one, and seems to work well. More on this as I go to actually work with steel.

I was also contemplating the layout of a sign that I will use in videos I make. The sign was going to say ‘Everything Manifest’, but I’ll change that to part of Malachi 4:6, about turning the heart of the fathers to the children. I like to use a blank sheet of copy paper, and a mechanical pencil. The paper is an absolute blank, no lines or anything, open to new ideas. It’s not attached to my drawing/note book, so I’m not hindered by the idea that I’ll have junky ideas stuck in my book. I used to think little of mechanical pencils, because they couldn’t be sharpened like other pencils. But the lead is so narrow, that it doesn’t matter, the convenience is more important.

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