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I’ve found that most vehicles have a good angle to be seen from. I moved the 1951 Chevrolet 2 ton truck. When I walked by later, I noticed that it was looking very nice from this rear angle, so I got a picture. With the room addition to the house, this project got put on hold. But that’s done, so I can work on other things, including this. It runs, but needs a charging system, paint and body, and brakes to be road ready. I’m thinking seriously about making it into a rolling store.

Here’s a picture of two of our youths working on off road motorcycles. I think I see 6 in the picture. One could think that it would be better for them to pursue engineering or accounting studies in their spare time, but this is quite beneficial. In these times, being able to do your own mechanical work can be the difference between financial survival or not. Even if you hire the work done, it’s good to know if the mechanic is being honest with you.

Even if it were band or football, they would still be learning important lessons about attention to detail, working with others, and determination.

The mechanic gal, what a catch.

Lastly, here’s a picture of a rail road track. Why is there sand on it? For traction. This deposit is a bit heavy, my guess is that they had the sanders opened enough for road use, while they were doing some switching. Nearly all locomotives use sand for traction. When I was young, I read a book that said it started when a cloud of locusts descended on a track, and the train couldn’t move. So the engineer filled a box with sand, made a small hole in the bottom, and set it on the front of the locomotive. From there it trickled sand down on the rail, and the train went on its way. A quick internet search didn’t show that story, but I know I read it.

Have grit, will travel.

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