The Art of Trees, Backlit Leaves 1

I wanted to take some pictures of tree leaves with the light shining through the leaves, rather than the usual surface reflection. I had one idea about laying them on clear plastic with a light shining up from below. I would drop blue chalk powder around the sides to block light from shining into the camera.

But I realized that this would be a problem if the leaf wasn’t laying very flat. My next idea was to lay a black poster board on the floor, and use a piece of wire with an alligator clip on the end of the wire. This would hold the leaf, and an old incandescent flashlight would be aimed at the leaf from an angle, with the camera pointing down, mounted on a tripod.

This method worked, although my older digital camera didn’t at all capture the deep reds in some of the leaves. I’ll see if other cameras will work, or an old 35mm film camera I have. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Below is the same leaf, but with an additional LED light shining on the top surface.

Warm light on the back, cool light on the front.

Below is a close up of the same leaf.

Patterns inside of patterns.

Here’s a few more pictures, these are backlit by the sun.