The Bird Feeder

We usually put sunflower seeds out for the birds to eat. The whole thing has been other peoples’ project. My daughter rebuilt the bird feeder, my oldest son buys the seed, and my youngest son fills the feeder.

n My oldest son has been very busy lately, and has overlooked buying the seed. So I bought a small bag the other day. It was labeled “Songbird Feed”. That part is true, it also attracts a variety of birds. The yard is quite busy and the sounds are great, while the feed lasts. I’ve been using a 20 ounce coffee cup as a measure, and that only lasts a few hours. I took these pictures of the feeder, there have also been a pair of doves, and a woodpecker landed on the tree nearby.

The small ones, probably sparrows.
A Bluejay?
A Cardinal?
Is this a Woodpecker?

One thought on “The Bird Feeder”

  1. Good Morning Jim
    First picture looks like sparrows, male and female. 2nd pic is a blue jay. 3 pic is a male cardinal and a red belly wood pecker, as well as last pic. Good shots, love birds. Gods special creation

    Talk to you soon and have a blessed day

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