The Scrounge Chronicles: Roof Fixed, and Proverbs 15 Prayer

When I got the pieces of scrap metal from the silo, they had large holes, crooked cuts, and uneven curves. They had been made straight in a few places. I figured that I could pull the straight parts into a curve after they were installed; but that it would be a slow task. I thought I would use long all thread bolts to start pulling the pieces together, then use a number of smaller self drilling screws to finish it, tightening them a little at a time. Here’s the two gaps.

The gap next to the angled 2 X 4 is actually bigger than the long one behind it; but the board is pushing them closed. That’s done by having it angled, with the bottom sliding on another board. I tap it with a hammer, to make it go to the right, which pushes it higher.

What’s very nice is that the repair was much faster than I anticipated. Below is a picture of the two bolts that closed that gap. You can see that they’re long, but that was necessary to span the gap. They are also what’s called all thread. When I was younger, most bolts had threads cut all the way down the length. But these days, in order to save money, bolts only have threads near the end, and the rest of the way to the head is smooth. In a situation like this, you need all thread. Carriage bolts usually are. These ones are 3 inches long, by 5/16ths, galvanized. I got half a bucket of assorted new galvanized bolts for about $4 at a garage sale. That was a good buy. the gap near the board is closed, but the edge is bent down.

As I was working near the ground, I noticed a sight that is familiar at this place, broken beer bottle pieces. In logic, one of the lessons is that correlation does not equal causality. The previous residents might have been messy, even if they never drank, but the odds are pretty good that they had an alcohol problem. So as usual when I find a drinker’s bottle, I pray about that person. I don’t know who it was, but God sure does. In Proverbs chapter 15, it says “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good”. Here’s a picture of a small booze bottle I found at a gas station, and the label I put on it. I leave it on a tool shelf, or some place where I’ll occasionally find it, then I pray for that person. Below that is another scrounge tip: Use empty feed bags to throw pointy objects away. It’s safer that way, and neater, because the sharp things won’t tear open a plastic trash bag. They do that pretty easily. I often cut the tip off the sign scraps before putting them in the feed bag. The beer bottle pieces are next to the Meow Mix.

God knows who they are and what they need.

I took a long break, so it was pretty late before I bolted the second gap together. As a little victory celebration, I moved the seldom used band saw into this new building at 2 am.  Hey, I want what I want. What I’ve wanted for a couple years now. The band saw will be used more now that it’s much easier to access, and will be used in some of our product line. This building will also have a table saw, lathe, and radial arm saw.

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