Scrounge Chronicles: Free Leather

Every once in awhile, someone throws out a leather sofa. That’s where you get free leather. We’ve used it for a number of projects. One of the most common is a sleeve for a tool. Tools that have an edge that needs to be protected. Axes and adzes are a couple examples.

For this project, I needed a few long narrow straps to hold musical instruments against a wall. I have small, medium and large pieces from the sofa. In the picture below is a medium size piece, along with a pair of tin snips that were given to me. I already had a pair exactly like this, so I decided to try this pair on the leather. I say try, because things don’t always go as planned. Years ago, I heard about a rebar shear that broke because somebody tried to use it on a 2 X 4. The fibers bent instead of sheared, and it broke the machine. Interesting, because wood is so much softer than the steel rebar that the tool was made for. The snips worked nicely.The next picture shows the wall I was working on. One of the bookshelves in this room was cluttered because there were musical instruments on the floor in front of it. The area to the right of the piano had an iron aquarium stand holding an accordion in a case. There were two telephones, with transformers in the outlet, and various wires running pel-mel up to the phone and equipment. After much looking for a place for these instruments, I was at a loss where they could go, and still be accessed easily. So I prayed about it, and almost immediately, I had this thought like “that wall is cluttered, poorly used, and would make a great place’.

I realized another outlet was on the other side of the doorway, and that the phone stuff could go there, along with the accordion case. The metal stand went outside. The shelf above the piano went to the left, it looks great off centered. the tambourines went where the shelf formerly was. I made two wood holders from 1 X 6 pine, with dowels. These hold the bottom of the instruments, and the leather straps hold them against the wall. There are other instruments that will go above these.

It looks  and works so much better now. Thanks for visiting Quill and Blade.(Here are the straps in use.)