Themed bathroom

We’re not on the deep end of the philosophical pool with this post, but I loved the look of this little room. Probably because I was thinking of theming out stairway in submarine decor, but that’s a different story.

The exterior entirety of the little gas station.

I was at this little bitty gas station, getting some fuel, and used the facilities there. Man, how cool can you get? Notice the ever practical but classic style of the diamond plate metal of the floor and half wall. Notice the rugged pragmatic look of the metal pipes contrasted by the sleek elegance of the white plastic pipe in immediate proximity.

That arrangement of pipes is representative of our daily incidents and decisions, while the greater passing of years in our lives is boldly displayed by the metal conduit which transcends the left part of the back wall.

Finally, the immaculate cleanliness and abundance of cleaning instruments inspires us all to make every place and task the best it can be. Ah yes, this is an awesome little bathroom.

I’m warming up my skills at verbosity to make a career being an abstract art critic.

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